1. What do you typically use screen time for? (gaming, TV, social media, online shopping, etc)
  2. How many hours do you typically spend in front of a screen per day? 
  3. How do you typically feel after a lengthy period of screen time? 
  4. How does screen time affect your productivity, inspiration, or motivation? 
  5. Does screen time affect your daily needs? (such as quality of sleep, meals times, connection with others, and quality of thoughts)
  6. What could you change about your screen time that could improve your daily life by 10% ?

Some strategies may include:

  • Putting your phone in another room or more than arm’s length away for a difficult automatic reach
  • Ending screen time an hour before bed.
  • Setting a timer for gaming and social media use
  • Keeping your phone out of sight when engaging in conversations
  • Using a traditional alarm rather than your phone 

Reflecting on your screen time can assist you in reevaluating what’s helping or hindering aspects of your daily life.

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