Therapy can provide: 

  • A space to share thoughts and feelings to help alleviate stress
  • Education and information about mental health concerns
  • A way to heal from trauma, emotional injuries, and other negative experiences
  • An objective perspective from someone who is not emotionally invested in your personal experiences 
  • Alleviation of mental health symptoms
  • Opportunities to learn new coping strategies 
  • A non-judgmental and safe environment 
  • A place for self-discovery

You do not need to be ill or have a formal mental health diagnosis to engage in therapy. Therapy can be a preventative and a proactive tool for your health and it can help you heal emotional and mental wounds that may be impacting your daily functioning, productivity, relationships and/or self-perception.

Therapists provide guidance and support. They recognize that you are the expert in your life experiences, and they help you access your own insight and wisdom. They encourage new perspectives, hold a space for your feelings and support the process in order to enhance your well-being. 

If you are interested in finding out ways to improve your own mental health and well-being, you can reach out to a psychologist, or another healthcare professional.

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