After the holidays, we often use the new year to lay out our goals and feed our ambitions. We imagine success, have motivation for lifestyle changes, and are ready to initiate new habits.  

With it being a month into the new year, your drive and motivation may be dwindling. You may be feeling blue about the winter weather, bills from the holiday season, not meeting your goals quickly enough, or simply the Monday blues.  

Here are some suggestions to get you back into the motivating and inspiring spirit:

  1. Move – physical activity helps boost mood and reduce anxiety

  2. Journal – writing out your worries helps process your feelings and emotions

  3. Talk to someone – validation and compassion helps reduce loneliness and shame

  4. Listen to music – tempo and lyrics can allow for therapeutic expression   

  5. Create a vision board – visualization can make space for clarity

  6. Play – gratifying activities and hobbies can help you find joy throughout your day

~Jump-start your inspiration.