When we have physical wounds that are not attended to, we bleed everywhere. Without a band aid, medical attention, and proper care, we can’t always guarantee appropriate healing and neglect may increase a chance of further pain and infection. In the same way, emotional wounds can “bleed” as well.

When we don’t take care of our psychological hurts, they can lead to increased fears, ruminating negative thoughts, and more emotional pain and suffering towards ourselves as well as others. With physical wounds we can see the blood, we can see the scar, and it is tangible. Emotional wounds are sometimes less obvious and can include traumas, negative experiences, and difficult moments. They require checking in with yourself, not avoiding your feelings, self-reflection, and noticing how past experiences may be impacting your current relationships and daily functioning.

If you’re struggling, you may want to consider therapy, speaking with your doctor about medications, or a combination of both to heal from those wounds. To check- in with emotional wounds, ask yourself:

– What is hurting?
– What do you avoid thinking about?
– What emotions have you avoided feeling?
– What have you buried?
– What impact has the hurt had on you or your relationships?
– What activities or behaviors do you engage in to escape from painful emotions and thoughts?