When we are preparing to go away on vacation, to escape to a beautiful destination, we often fall into a mindset where we are unavailable, disconnected, and ready to unwrap from life’s demands.

We may set our out-of-office auto-reply. Let friends and family know we are away. Turn off phone notifications and simply unplug!

On vacation, there is a spell of anonymity, a flavour of disconnection, a curiosity of the unknown and the desire to soak in all that time away has to offer.

Vacations are not meant to solve our problems but rather allow us to temporarily set a physical and emotional boundary from our day to day life. We are able to recharge, recover, and hopefully create a space for different perspectives or alternate solutions to emerge.

Taking a vacation each time we feel stress or need a break is probably unrealistic, but is there a way that we can we bring similar practices into our day to day lives, where we feel lighter and have the ability to both emotionally and mentally escape and disconnect?

I invite you to reflect on these questions to find ways to “get away” on a daily basis:

  • What boundaries do you need to set for yourself in order to create a space for recharging?

  • How do you stay curious and mindful in each moment?

  • How can you adopt a vacation mindset at home, both physically and emotionally?

~Take a mindful vacation (no pun intended)!