Change can be difficult. There is often the element of the unknown and the discomfort that comes with change. We may feel some unstable footing in stepping from our comfort zone to something new and unfamiliar. Whatever change we may be thinking about in life, whether it be in lifestyle, career, family, or habits, we often fall short on the follow through and taking consistent action. 

Sometimes we know what we need to do to achieve the goal we want. For example, the foods we need to eat, the activity we need to pursue, the conversation we need to have, the action we need to take, or the thing we need to stop. Yet, taking action can be the hardest part. The motivation can be the toughest first step. Thinking about the consistent follow-through that is needed for the change to occur can be daunting.

Fear and unpredictability are reasons we may want to stay where we are and avoid the change. We may feel a sense of loss because we may have to give something up for the change to occur. For example, giving up time with family or friends to make time for a new activity. By reflecting on what is keeping you from the change you would like to make, you can look at why the change you desire is important or meaningful to you, and consider the payoff that may occur with the discomfort. 

It may be helpful to look at the obstacles standing in the way of change.

Reflect on: 

What are the benefits of staying in the current situation and what are the benefits of changing?
What is keeping you where you are?
What might you be fearful of with change?
Is the fear of change greater than the desire of the outcome?
What do you feel you might have to give up or lose when the change occurs?