Reading can help us understand and learn ways to manage our mental health and emotional well-being. Different authors have various styles and offer different perspectives. Feel free to take in the information that resonates with you and leave the rest.

Below are a few book suggestions that you can add to your bookshelf or audio-book collection:

The Mindfulness Solution – Ronald D. Siegel (Main topic: ruminating thoughts and mindfulness.)

I know I’m in there Somewhere – Helene Brenner (Main topic: women’s authenticity) 

The Desire Map – Danielle Laporte (Main topic: goal setting)

Hardwiring Happiness – Dr Rick Hanson (Main topic: the science behind thoughts and feelings.)

Happy Reading!

Please note that these book suggestions are self-help options and resources to provide information about specific topics. They are not meant to replace treatment and/or the advice of a healthcare professional.