Take a minute and imagine a goal or a desired outcome you want to achieve. This can include a job you want, a relationship you fantasize about, or a successful performance. ​

Picture the image you desire…what does it look like?

What does it feel like? 

What does it sound like to have this desired outcome? 

How do you perceive yourself achieving the goal? 

Are you accepting of success or do you shy away from it? ​

Take a minute to close your eyes before reading ahead, and picture yourself in the desired outcome. Use your imagination to picture all the details of this accomplishment.​

This is an important exercise because we often visualize and prepare for the worst-case scenario and our body tends to respond to these thoughts negatively. Our body may become defensive and turn protective because the situation we are imagining is one that our mind and body perceive as threatening. It can bring our insecurities and unrealistic fears to the forefront. If visualizing the negative can cause emotional distress, visualizing the desired outcome can manifest strength, joy and hope.

Visualization is a practice often done within team sports, before performances and when achieving goals. Imagining the desired outcome allows our brain to focus on items that support that belief. Therefore, visualize success and allow your mind and body to follow.