We all have negative beliefs about certain things in our lives. They may be about ourselves, other people, life, situations, etc. 


For example, when I believe that “no one likes me” my mind and body respond to that belief. So, I may notice that I find it difficult to make conversation, feel anxious in social situations, or perceive that I am being judged by people around me.   


Negative beliefs often use “black and white” language such as always and never or no one and everyone. There are usually exceptions to any of these limiting words.  


When we have negative beliefs that tap into insecurities or fears, I would invite you to look at the evidence that supports that belief. Oftentimes there is evidence that disproves our negative beliefs and many assumptions that support them.   


If there is not a lot of evidence to prove the belief then perhaps we can change the belief to support what we know to be true, and hopefully change the lens through which we see the situation and over time bring about a new perspective.   


Practice: Look at the evidence.