As the beginning of the week approaches, we often prepare meals for the week. We take time to make a grocery list of items we need including fruits, vegetables, protein, and snacks. This list may include items that are healthy and refreshing and needed for energy and survival. In addition, it may also include not so healthy but feel-good snacks. We also create lists of tasks, errands, deadlines, and responsibilities that need to be conquered during the week.

In the same way that you attend to the above tasks, make a list of those items you need to refuel your mind, restore emotional balance, create a healthy well-being, and increase motivation.

Make a list of all the






and quotes

that make you feel refueled, excited, and joyful.

You can refer to this list to help refuel and ground yourself when you are having a bad day, a stressful moment, anxiety about the future, or negative thoughts.

We all need to hit the reset button to ensure we are living our day with less fear and worry. We must ensure that we have the right portions to nourish our emotional and mental health.

Practice: Create a re-fueling list.