We have arrived! We are heading into the last month of 2020.

This year has been a year of stillness, loss, change and letting go, but also one of mixed emotions, compromises and humanity. 

We have been in a continuous cycle of transitioning and coping during this time. 

As we look back and reflect on the year, I would encourage you to pause! 

There is power in the pause, the pause allows us to move from automatic thoughts and actions to mindful intentions and thoughtful processes. We begin to understand what drives our thoughts, behaviors and emotions by slowing down, pausing and ultimately responding rather than reacting.  

Here are some questions to ponder, possible conversation starters and/ or journaling prompts to initiate some reflection about 2020:

  • What have you learned about yourself?

  • How have you coped with your fears and worries?

  • Where are you using your strengths?

  • What have you had to put down, put away or put on? 

  • How do you see yourself, the world and humanity? 

  • What are you taking into 2021 and what are you leaving behind?