Negative self-talk is often followed by feelings of frustration or guilt towards oneself. Wishing we were different, comparing ourselves to others and putting ourselves down only makes us feel small and does not enhance or motivate us in any way.

Imagine having a friend, colleague, or acquaintance speak to us in the same tone we do to ourselves. We may find it difficult to be around this person or to open up and be vulnerable because they may seem judgmental or lacking in compassion.

Imagine how a coach, teacher, or your role model can motivate you to your highest potential. Their words create feelings of excitement, confidence, and fearlessness. The drive that is created through encouragement is much more meaningful and successful in motivating us to change.

We, as humans, feel good when we are productive and growing. Creating goals and visualizing our future is important to attaining our hopes and desires. Motivating self-talk enhances our chance of success and cushions us against mistakes, failures and losses.

Practice: Be kind to yourself.