The world is in the middle of a standstill and a wavering time.

Our life plans have changed, paused or cancelled.

Life has hit us with a curveball,

given us a detour on our path, 

and a remix to our tune.


We are adjusting to the sense of grief that exists within constant change.

Building our resilience by bending without breaking,

and accepting the present moment without abandoning ourselves. 

The struggle is different for each of us, 

however courage and confidence are expanding as we journey through.


We are

grieving and accepting,

exhausted and restless,

apathetic and anxious, 

hesitant and hopeful.


We have been forced to recalibrate, 

change our perspectives,

attend to our bodies, 

make space for emotions, 

slow down our thoughts, 

rely on our strengths,

and be creative in how we do life.


Curveballs, detours, and remixes can offer





and a new beat to life.